Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{Guest Post} Educational Activities for kids

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Guest Post by Anne Mercado. Bio at bottom of this post. 
Thanks for your help Anne.

Has learning become a chore for your preschooler and school age kids?

Do not despair! There are tons of educational activities for kids that are easy and FUN to do!

All you need are a few household items - and maybe a single trip to the store - and you're on your way to teaching using creative ways.

Below are simple activities that hone skills in math, science, language and of course creativity. Without further ado here are...

7 Educational Activities for Kids

1. Squares in a shape

This is puzzle can easily be made using items around your home. The beauty? It improves children's math and spatial skills.

Don't have blocks? Use scrabble letters instead.
Source: Nicole from The Activity Mom

2. Sidewalk chalk math

To jazz up rote memorization, count by groups using this activity. All you need is some chalk and lots of energy for skipping.

Source: Becca of Fun & Engaging Activities for Toddlers

3. My heart goes boom, boom, boom!

Show your kids a heart real up close with this science project that features the cardiac vein and coronary artery. All that's needed are ziplocks, straws, pipe cleaners, a red marker and glue gun.

The best part? Children can blow into the heart to simulate beating.

Source: Holly from Quirky Momma (Contributed by Caroline from Everything and nothing: Activities for Preschool, which is actually in French)

4. Spiky Sea Urchin

Another science activity is to learn about sea creatures, specifically the sea urchin.

Source: Valerie from The Crafty Classroom

5. Moon Sand Activity

The recipe calls for sand, water and corn flour. That's it. After mixing everything, children can free-play with this sensory activity.

Mold and shape - just don't eat them.

Source: Sherry from Play Based Learning

7. Lego Words

Here's a new way of using those Lego blocks for your little readers. Stick letters on them to help kids improve on their language skills.

Source: April of Chalk Talk


Learning doesn't have to be boring, nor does it mean endless hours buried in books or educational videos.

With these simple educational activities for kids, you can incorporate fun and learning with a bonus: you get to spend quality time with the kiddos.

Have anything to add to the list? Do share them here with other moms.

Anne Mercado is the quirky author behind Green Eggs & Moms, which offers clever parenting tips and news to keep moms with young kids sane. When she's not hunched over the computer working, you can find her either counting down to ten to get her kiddo to move faster, or reading a horror book. She also loves vampires and zombies.


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