Friday, September 9, 2011

{FALL} projects and Decor

It is definitely that time of year~ getting the kids out the door in the mornings now requires light jackets or sweatshirts that leads to warmer afternoons.

Hubby and I will be working on a project inside the house that we hope will make our life with 2 kids easier. Then next project will be the front porch and garden areas. Next weekend will be a busy one with 3 local kids consignment sales, AND the Lincolnton Apple Festival! Hubby and I will be getting there early to buy our fried apple pies and buying the apples in bulk to come home and can apple butter and apple jelly and jam.

Recipe for one can be found here, and I am looking forward to trying to make this myself. There is a trick to doing them, been trying different recipes for years and can't quite get it just right.

So, a few of the projects I am hoping to complete this weekend are also part of a Pinterest challenge from my friend Kelly Hayes. I have also asked all the girls participating if I could share their projects on here as well.

 I already have these urns, and have seen these plastic pumpkins at Michaels. 


 I also want to frame this printable and hang in the hallway or place on the mantel.

I love Love LOVE these birdhouses made from books. I think my 4 year old could help me with these.

from pinterest
I have a project I have been working on similar to this, and I want to add some fabric or maybe burlap behind it for a little extra pop to stand out like this. Can't wait to show you how it turns out.


And just for fun, if I can find time to lol, I would love to make one of these.

So, do you think that is enough to do? I am hoping I can get to it all plus our cleaning off the porch, rearranging project hubby and I will be working on.

What is on your crafty agenda this weekend?


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