Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Food Pyramid: USDA's MyPlate

Have you seen it yet? I am just now seeing it. I want to get my sister's view on it, since she did a lot of work on her dissertation on obesity and healthy eating. She has taught our family a lot about eating properly. We go meatless a couple days a week, using beans instead. We roast most of our veggies instead of using fat and other sugars to add flavor. But it is nice to see the government changing their view of things.

Here is her take on it: we use it in our sessions work in childhood obesity research and have found that families really like the plate method. We were excited that the pyramid image was replaced by the plate. It makes sense because people can visualize how much of each food group goes on the plate. The "analyze my diet" function is awesome as well as the plan my menu. They even have recs for nursing mothers.

USDA's MyPlate - Home page

The website has come a long way. There is even a coloring page for kids to learn the portion amounts. There are foodtrackers available as well as some great food plans for different age groups!


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