Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My favorite cup

So I have had a few of these style cups now since November. I got my first one at Hobby Lobby for $3 and it was plain and clear. Then I couldn't find anymore plain ones for decent price. I knew it would be a perfect way for me to keep hydrated while nursing with the baby. I like that it has a lid and a straw that won't just fall out and if tipped over won't spill out. Not sure exactly why that is, as I am not a physicist since there is still a little area that the liquid could seep out of between the straw and its opening. But since I knew I already LOVED it, I didn't expect that my husband would love it as much as he does. He already was swiping it for himself and using it. So while we were at the beach I found a cheap one that said Myrtle Beach so we could both have one. Well, that didn't happen either. Hubby has one on his tractor and one he takes to work and I still have NONE. LOL

This was apparently a Big hit, its not often hubby gets attached to a cup. My 4yo daughter loves it too and I don't have to contain her to just the kitchen to drink when she uses it. There are no spills, even safe for the car.

We got lucky out shopping Sunday and while wandering into World Market, they had a sale on these cups. Plain, no design, and several colors. We got red, blue, clear, and orange. They also had green. They were BOGO Free!!! which made them $3 each. AND I didn't even know you could buy extra straws but you can, and we grabbed a bag of 6 for $3.50. We definitely needed one since we lost one to a tractor accident lol. These are great for us as a family and now we all have one to use. We will probably continue to buy a few of these to keep on hand. I fill mine up before heading out to work and keep refilling it through out the day. The many color options makes it easy to know who's cup it is too!
They are acrylic so do not break. And you can use vinyl cut outs from your Cricut or Silhouette to personalize and decorate your own!

Ok sorry, just had to add- if you are a Glee follower, anyone else remember the National original song Britney did about her cup? lol

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