Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reusable Sandwich/Snack Bags

I made the little baggie posted below in Less than 5 Minutes from beginning to end. That is cutting out the material and everything. When we were in Richmond for my sisters baby shower I had seen a few of these for sale in some of the boutiques around. I love the idea of using cute fabric options and even personalizing them. I have seen them with velcro or these fold-over sandwich baggie types. I will say this one was super easy.

There is debate as to whether you should just use plain ole fabric versus something lined with oil-cloth or PUL or some other food safe option. I chose just the basic fabric since I can just wash it. some of the ingredients in PUL or modern oil cloth still has so much chemical to it that I don't feel comfortable using it with my food, otherwise, whats the point of going more natural with these?

So I followed the super simple, and entertaining tutorial found at this site:

Anyone seriously, anyone, can do this! My daughter could not wait to use it this morning when I showed it to her, thus it already having a sandwich in it.

Hope you try this out and get to making your own reusable baggies. I know this will save our budget significantly by not buying ziploc bags. And I just used scraps of fabric I had left over.


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