Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magnet Board

Love how easy, cheap, and wonderful this project does. So this is basically a fabric covered piece of metal placed in a used picture frame. How simple! Now the trick can be finding the metal- you can use the flat pipe metal at lowes, which is easier to cut with basic kitchen shears, and I hear works well. I happen to have a hubby that works with metal and saves scraps or cuts pieces for me to fit. So mine is made from actual sheet metal- for FREE. I got the frame from a local thrift shop for $1, and already had the fabric. This was fabric I was debating using in Baby Boy's nursery but couldn't figure out what or how I wanted to use it. So this was perfect. And I Love the rustic feel of the frame. Its kinda banged up and looks used and well loved. So the only work that really had to be done to it, was measure the opening of the frame where the metal will sit, give those measurements to my hubby, or if you are cutting the flat pipe metal, cut those dimensions with your kitchen shears. I then laid my fabric down, wrong side up, and placed the metal on top of it. I made sure there was plenty of fabric to overlap on the edges and cut the fabric to fit. I then just had to use spray craft adhesive on the metal, and place the fabric on the adhesive to attach it, while making sure it is pretty tight to look nice on the other side. Place the fabric covered piece of metal in the frame, attach the back, and you are DONE!

 I already hung mine in the nursery above the changing table so we can put notes or little things to remember on it.

I made another one this same day. I had a black frame, but instead of using fabric to cover the metal, I used chalkboard paint. Again- very easy. Paint the metal fairly thick to cover the metal up, let dry- and place in the frame. I have a magnetic chalkboard that we hung at our main family entrance to the house near where we place keys, etc. My daughter already likes to place her pictures and drawings on it and change it out. I need to take a picture of it too. 


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