Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recent Sewing Projects

 Here are a few recent sewing projects that I have completed. This first one is from scrap fabric at walmart. This is the fabric that is gathered at the top so all you have to do is sew one seam at the back and you have a tube dress. My daughter was getting ready for a cowboy themed Bible School at my parents church so I pulled this out and created the tube dress quickly, and then b/c I think it is not very age appropriate for my 3 year old to wear strapless, I added some cute lace for straps. It turned out really cute and she loved it. Nice quick and easy project especially for a beginner. I did have to hem the bottom.

I enjoy tube tops in the summer, they are quick, great for the beach and comfy when made from knit fabrics. and always a plus when it helps rid me of my strap marks lol. I had trouble finding any color/patterns that I liked or ones that went down long enough to cover my belly. So I decided to make my own. I had to measure my bust and hips to make sure it would be big enough to fit, and would actually prefer it to be a bit more flowy vs fitted. But all it took was cutting it, sewing down the one seam. I decided to make it reversible by doing another at the same time and sewing the tops together. Then I created a casing between the 2 different fabrics to thread my elastic through- which was also cut to fit comfortably just above my bust. There was no need to hem the bottom since it was knit and it doesn't unravel, but you could. I didn't. IT was a quick project, under an hour, and I have worn it several times throughout the summer.

I Love sewing for little girls. I have a friend that had a baby girl. Her husband plays the guitar and is just wonderful to listen to when we are all sitting outside by a campfire. So little girl got an awesome name after her Daddy's guitar- Gibson. Such a perfect fit for them. I was so inspired when I found some cute girly guitar prints that I just had to make this for her. This project started with a basic onesie that I cut just above the leg openings. I measured fabric against an infant gown to make it long enough once sewn to the bottom of the trimmed onesie. I folded the bottom edge up enough to hem and create a casing to run ribbon through- though you could also use elastic. It turned out extremely cute!


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