Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Bear with me....on Vacation}

AHHHH, some family time!

Please enjoy a few pictures of our families vacation and I will return next week with lots of new project posts. We are enjoying an annual trip to Florida and so far have visited Kennedy Space Center and Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

My hubby had never been to Kennedy Space Center before, and while we enjoyed it, it would have been better for older kids- more tour and museum type exhibits and info although even my one year old enjoyed the videos they had and a few other items but for the price they would have enjoyed it more were they older. 

My daughters favorite ride at Hollywood Studios is the Backlot tour. She loves this scene with the fire and water!

Having fun on the Streets of America set-up. Don't worry no one was hurt during the filming of this event. lol

Lil Boy's first Disney firework event - Fantasmic- This was my  and my daughters first time seeing Fantasmic and his first any night show lol, they both loved it but my favorite is the regular Magic Kingdom display or Epcot even. This was more of a whole show than just fireworks. It was awfully humid today and baby boy was already tired long before the 9am display so he is already in his jammies ready to tucker out..

We are so lucky some of our friends were here at the same time we are. Our girls love playing together and it works out well with the young ages to have another set of adults to trade off the the littler kids and riding rides together. Some rides and shows the little ones didn't do as well in like Baby girl in this picture did not like the Muppet 3D  show, but my lil Boy loved it. The 3 older girls rode Tower of Terror. 2 out of 3 of them loved it and wanted to ride again. The 3rd didn't want to admit it scared her more. 

I may touch base again later this week. I will say Mousesavers newsletter has been a great site for planning info for us and you really cannot beat buying the tickets from Undercover Tourist unless you get a great full vacation package from Disney!!

Have a great week! 

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