Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Pinterest project}

I have loved this idea for quite some time. I finally finished it in just a few minutes Saturday morning!

I used the frame I had sprayed and used for Fall. I just removed the fall wreath. I saved out 5 ornaments from our tree that I wanted to use of various sizes, colors and textures. And found different ribbon in my stash. Gotta love a totally free project because you already have the supplies around. These ornaments were purchased from Target several years ago, like 6 at least lol.

Then I just started with placement. Strung the ribbon through the loop of the ornament, and held it at the top of the frame til it got to a length I liked. then cut and tied it in place. I started with my shortest and longest lengths first. Then, I added the 3 other ornaments at various lengths till it just felt right to me. I went longer with the ribbon lengths because I can always tie it up higher, but it gave me the option to make it longer too if I wanted.

Quick and Easy, Simple and Free!


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