Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Lil home Photo shoot}

Well let's say It was in the 70s a few weeks ago here in NC and I wanted to grab a few pics of the boy for his Birthday or at least to capture his One Year Old self. But he would not cooperate. His sister- my lil model, was a different story.
These 2 were a couple of my favorites, even though he is not looking at me I could at least entertain him with grass and the free range chickens wandering the yard. My little cowgirl just kept posing.
This is Mostly what I got with the Boy. You can see his face broke out from one of his many food allergies. He wanted me to hold him, didn't want to play or crawl around or take pictures of his sister. Yep, Not fun, and definitely not the photo shoot I envisioned. I needed my friend Kristen (our normal photographer) and her hubby with his duck call for distraction and entertainment.

Then Miss Priss danced and posed her way around the yard. She was so much fun, and who could tell there is a screaming baby behind that camera lol.

Miss Priss wanted her shot at taking pictures, and though we had many that didn't turn out, and I was VERY leary of handing over my Nikon DSLR to her, I was pretty impressed with how well she did. These were the only non-screaming, looking at the camera shots we got. The above one he actually looks sleepy, but I do love the snuggles.

He was DONE now, headed back to the house, and yes he was still screaming lol.


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