Friday, December 23, 2011

{Christmas Card Display}

We love getting cards from family and friends. we mostly get picture cards now showing off the growing kids and family members, and we want to display them. Our mantle now holds our advent bags, but we wanted a display that was bright and colorful. So I scouted Pinterest, and a fellow bloggy mom who did a similar project and made our own Christmas card holder.

This is what it looked like finished.

I started with this basic wood plaque I grabbed at Walmart for ~$6.

Then painted it a green color that we already had at the house.
I used my Cricut and Make The Cut software to create the words and cut them out onto any vinyl.
It didn't matter the color vinyl because I was using it as a stencil. See how nice it looks.
I didn't get any pictures of the next steps because my hands were full doing it and I had a little 4yo helper. But I used glue, basic glue, and squeezed it onto the letters. I did it along the letters so it would be raised up. I did one letter at a time and dumped the red glitter on it while still wet to stick better, and for full coverage. Use LOTs of glitter, you can shake off excess later, but you want a good coverage. Remove the vinyl carefully while still wet. It makes it cleaner edges and doesn't pull off the whole letter, like it would after it has dried.
This is what it looked like after taking the vinyl stencil off.
Once I let it dry, I flipped it over and stapled ribbon to the back of the board to attach the cards.

I didn't have anymore ribbon, and didn't want to go upstairs, so I used what I had downstairs- red Tulle. I just cut a length overlapped it and stapled it like crazy to hold it in place and make a loop to hang it from.


And here is a picture of it with many of our Christmas cards added! Still more arriving. Pretty sure I will need to add longer ribbon. I love it though!

Merry Christmas!

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