Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{Farm themed Birthday party}

I was worried how I was going to decorate a boy party, especially at just a year old. I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it and got more crafty than I personally did for the girl.

Thankfully a cousin sent some decor from her boys 1st birthday parties earlier this year. we didn't really go overboard though. It was just family that attended. He has so many allergies I was either going to make everything or have to spend a lot of money to buy specialized food items, and that was going to limit me to a smaller crowd. I wanted to make sure since the day was about him that he could eat everything that was served. A tutorial will come about how I did the banner behind his seat.
I made both the cake and cupcake using egg and dairy free recipe I shared in an earlier post. This time I did lemon flavoring, but baked it a tad too long, because the chocolate was so moist and gooey that I wanted to let it set up a bit more.
The cupcakes turned out so fun. And thankfully the icing was just the basic powdered sugar/crisco mix. we did use the vegetable based one though. I made the cupcake wrappers using my Cricut and MTC software- it cut it out so easy and I just taped them to keep them shut. I also made the cupcake toppers, and will be posting a tutorial soon to describe to you how I did it so you can make your own. It was much more simple than I thought.
I printed out some stickers/labels that said Happy 1st Birthday Walker on it just to add an extra detail to the cups.

Here is the birthday boy in the shirt I made him and shared on here. And his sister- who got a special treat as well.
I strung up a ribbon to our fireplace and taped pictures of him throughout the year to show his growth and how much he had changed. 

He did not touch the flame, but he was VERY interested in it lol. And he enjoyed the cake so much I had to change his clothes to the other shirt I made him.

He was not yet into tearing the paper off, but enjoyed playing with his new toys. Especially the cozy coupe car!

We were able to pose for a few quick family pictures that I Love. You can see his icing already smeared on his drink cup and hand. It was a much simpler party, and we definitely enjoyed it! I can't wait to finish writing up the tutorials to share how to make some of these items. Much easier than anticipated.


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