Friday, August 12, 2011

Modern Cottage thrifty project!

 Guest Post from my BFF Kristen! I am trying to convince her to join me on this blog sharing her tips and ideas and projects. She and I come up with all kinds of ideas and feed off each other, share color ideas and thrift finds. I am so bummed she is moving, but think we can come up with so many great projects and share them here together. Here is her super cheap project.

So, my husband, son and myself will be making a move to Jacksonville Florida within the next few weeks and already my decorating mind is churning.  I have always had a love for dark woods, warm colors, and geometric shapes.  Well, since we are going to be only 8 miles from the beach {oh darn} I have found myself wanting to live the cottage life.  I am pretty sure we will never own a cottage on the beach, but that is not going to stop me from decorating like we do!  So, I had to start somewhere and find my new inspiration for turning my house into the "Modern Cottage". 
*Last week I made a trip over to a new thrift store in the area and landed this small dessert platter for a whopping .59 cents! 

*Once I bought the platter I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it!  I knew I wanted some type of candle holder to make a base for the platter and hit the jackpot when I found this one at another local thrift store for .75 cents!  
* Once I had my two pieces that I needed I made a quick trip to Walmart (well, I take that back, Walmart trips are never quick)  to pick up some spray paint!  I knew exactly what color I wanted and went for the Krylon Peekaboo Blue! (~$2.99)
* Got all my supplies ready and got to spraying.  I spayed the candle holder first and did not do an even coverage spray...I wanted it to have that rough look, so I was sure to let the silver/brown original color show through
* Next, I sprayed the brown base of the platter and again did not cover it perfectly. 
* After about 30 minutes of drying time, I went after them both with sandpaper.  I roughed up the candle holder a little more to bring out the details of the design.  I also distressed the base of the platter alot to get that "beat up look" as I call it! 
* Once I had the look I wanted, I broke out the gorilla glue and tackled the easy task of gluing the wood base to the candle holder.  After 15 long drying minutes (I was dying to see it finished) I stood it up and here it inspiration for the cozy beach cottage that we do not have yet!
Ok didn't that turn out Super cute!!! And for less than $5! I am so jealous of that candlestick find. I think it really makes the project. I can't wait to see what she comes up with and how she decorates her new home. Either way I am going to miss her craftiness and our thrifty trips. Maybe I will gain some new thrift stores to hit when I visit her at the beach! :-)


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