Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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We had the honor of attending an amazing event at our church on June 9th. Todd Pierce, Chaplain for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) came and presented "Born Wild, Created to be Free". If you have not seen this or do not have the opportunity to view it locally, I highly recommend you checking out his website for a video of one. Click here for one version. 

Denver UMC in the Denver of the East (Denver, NC) hosted a Faith Family Fest. You can see pictures below of our family and friends enjoying each other's company.

These next few pictures depect a lot of what Todd did in "breaking" the horse.

He mentioned how we are like the horse with GOD. We don't know who he is or what he wants at first, but we just want to get away. Its the fear of what He is and what He wants from you.

This horse did this, running from Todd for at least 30 min.
Finally he turned towards Todd to see what he wanted- Todd compared this to us acknowledging God.

Then back to running because we don't know what He might ask us to do.

Then eventually if we give him a chance, just like getting a horse ready to be ridden, you have to build up trust. The horse had to trust that Todd was there to help and not hurt him, to give him something more. We are to be the same way with God, trust he is going to give us something more than we think we are or can do. Something that seems to inhibit us but opens us up to be more.

It was a fully moving presentation. Hearing Todd talking to the horse, telling him I love you, I want to work with you, to show you something, to teach you. I kept hearing God telling me the same thing. We keep turning away just like this horse did.

We know for sure this was a "New to Todd Pierce" horse, as it came from a local horse farm Cherry Acre Farms, near my parents. Here you see the horses owner talking with Todd after the show.

My daughter had to talk to Todd "aka The Cowboy"  after and he was gracious enough to take her in directly to the horse to pet him. Talk about a slightly scared Mama with her baby in with a very recently wild horse..... But I trusted Todd.

Next thing I know, she is sitting up on the horses back. Can you see the smile on her face....

After she made it back to me, I asked her if she liked being on the horse, and she said "No I was scared to death, it was a WILD horse mommy."

Love that kid. I hope you will open yourself up to viewing this and having an open mind about it if you are not a Christian. I know many times we are viewed as close-minded, I don't believe I am. I strive to live up to a standard. I fail daily, hourly even. I am just forgiven. I don't give up, I get back up and try. I try to live striving for an ideal. Yes it may not be what the world today is like- it may not be reality, but honestly I don't like the reality of today. I strive for Christ. I strive for Heaven and the things of God. Like it or not, agree or not, that is what I am about. This is what Christ calls us to.

I don't share my faith very openly here. I don't want people to think this is just for Christians, but I am not afraid or ashamed of who and what I am. I am available to answer questions and talk off line (, this is not a place for a debate. I will delete any unsavory comments.  I just felt called to share.

Have a wonderful week! And Thanks for reading.

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