Monday, June 4, 2012

{Family China Cabinet rearranged}

This area is at my front door. This china hutch was my grandmothers and used to be in my dining room- that now is a play room. So the hutch was moved to the front door entryway. We have finally grasped our personal decorating style and are slowly making things fit that better. Clearing out the things we don't LOVE, and finding ways to display the things we do. Also have to make it kid friendly. I love coming home and smiling because I love being home and its ME. Coming home from vacation I just had to smile, and was a bit confused because it felt like a vacation walking into a clean and organized home. IT was surreal and the first time we have been able to do that.  So let me tell you about my front entry.

I have most of my wedding china in here. The lower cabinets are mostly empty now since I pared down and decluttered. I also love the blue ladder chair here. Though the paint is peeling due to my son pulling messing with it.

I love using vintage stuff for decor. These hat boxes were my great-aunts and my great-grandmother's and do have hats inside. The yellow hat is hubby's godmothers hat, a trumpet case, antique metal iron, 8mm player- that works, and an antique glass bottle.

A close up of the items up there.

Even closer
Oh yeah and these silver cake holders stack and were a great wedding present.

Another view of the full entryway. I can keep clutter at bay by putting items in those drawers if I need them in that area. What is in your front entryway? Do you use a china cabinet or hutch? Is there china in it or something else?

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