Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{ & The Lucky One}

This post will cover a few things. First, if you have never signed up for a House party, or heard of them, go register now. Be able to try out products for companies by hosting a party in your home, inviting your friends, and sharing pics and feedback afterwards. You have to fill out a survey first for each party you want to host. There are lots of topics from adult themes to home décor/projects, and even food and kid items. Anyone can sign up and it is free. You will usually even be sent coupons and goodies to share with your guests. This is a way that companies can build their business and get real reviews by word of mouth.

Recently I was selected to host a Nicholas Sparks “The Lucky One” party. I love Nicholas Sparks books and have read most of them. I have even seen most of the movies. I received a sweet little box of goodies from House Party and set them out around my living room for guests to see what they would be able to take with them.  I think it turned out pretty sweet. I love the forum on the website where people can share their décor ideas for these parties. I had a fun little turn out with my friends and then we dove into reading the book.

I read the book in a week, while also juggling 3 kids, one of them being a newborn, along with blogging and regular housework. It was an easy read, as most of Sparks’ books are. I will say it was not his typical ending and I was pleasantly surprised with it. It was romantic and thoughtful. I do recommend it for those that typically like his writing style and romance stories.  I have not seen the movie yet, but will probably rent it once it comes out since it is hard finding a sitter for 3 kids under 5 and still afford a night at the movies.

Have you read The Lucky One? Do you typically like Sparks’ novels? What is your favorite?

I have a giveaway for you from this party. We had a few books leftover as well as a movie poster, bookmarks, and a signed bookplate from Nicholas Sparks.  I am not going to do rafflecopter on this giveaway. There will be one Prize pack that will include the book, signed bookplate, and a few other goodies, and then I have several copies of just the book, so please just comment  “I WANT IT” and make sure I have a way to reach you If you win. This giveaway will be up for 2 weeks. You have until the 27th to win.
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