Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Entryway updates and organization}

This is the biggest change! I Love it. I needed this area to be more functional with 3 kids. My plan was to have something that we could sit on to put on shoes, and it still store shoes, and other things in cubbies. I also want to have a shelf up high and hooks to hang bookbags. It is a start to my vision but it is taking shape.

I had to share this because saturating it with color just makes it look SO FUN!
This is what it really looks like. And yes it usually does have a sippy cup on it. I got the green bin from the Dollar Tree, and pink one we had on hand. The 3 matching baskets are from Target.
I had to keep this LOVE printable that I have had since Valentine's day. And the small green basket and chicken wire basket are from WORLD MARKET- one of my favorite places for decor. A small pic of my 2 oldest. And a metal welded piece of art my hubby made.
This area is literally at my back door. We needed a place to hang keys, put down mail we needed to keep, and lay things down. This used to be a sofa table. The drawers hold some of the tools we use most often. I used an under the bed storage tote to hold reusable shopping bags, diaper bag, and some of hubby's work shoes that don't fit in the cubby bin.

Above this board for the keys and pics of the kids is another couple hooks and place to hold a flashlight and umbrella to grab heading out the door.

Literally a foot from this table is this side of my laundry room- not as organized lol, I want to have a shelf or counter built to put above the washer/dryer to make this look better. It's the sink that catches most of the junk......

My curtain covering the hanging stuff to dry still works well. Hubby also uses it to hold his belt lol.

Across from the little cubby system on a small wall is another quick organizing area. We just placed this Pepsi tray above it- I am more of a COKE GIRL. In fact Coke is my favorite drink- yumm out of a fountain or glass bottle. But you see more keys, Sheriff's card- we have a lot of people mess with our farm animals and call them alot. Babysitters number and 1st haircut for my 5 year old LOL.

I have this shelf that my son is sitting on that we plan to hang where the stars currently are.

A few other pieces of decor I picked up at an antique shop- LOVE these knobs but need to find some back plates for them to work as we need them. And this sweet lantern for candles.

So what do you think? What would you do different? It has come a LONG WAY, Still seems bit cluttered so working it out. Are you working on an entry way?

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