Wednesday, April 16, 2008



I am seriously in a spring cleaning mode. I totally re-arranged my living room yesterday and had been planning to for months but couldn't figure out what to do with it. But I like it so far- it really opens it up. Shea likes it but says its not symmetrical, but he doesn't have to worry about tripping over stuff in the morning leaving for work.

I am getting ready for a yard sale saturday since I missed the consignment sales I was gonna sell at but due to Will's accident- my focus changed- but Now I need SPACE. I am even going through my own closet- and Shea's- to clean out clothes we don't wear often or much so we can have space in the closet. Right now it is much too crammed for me to find anything. LOL and I have my favorites that I always wear.

I have all this baby equipment and toys that I keep clearing out, and grandparents keep bringing more in LOL. Then I can't help it. I keep saying Spencer has enough clothes- but I keep buying her stuff myself LOL. So today I went through and rotated sizes out and redid her room. I moved the Chaise lounge out of our bedroom into the foyer, so now I have this BIG gap in our room. I am thinking about getting it cleaned out.

I really wish I had money to pay someone else to organize and clean out myhouse for me. Like on Clean Sweep! make me get rid of it, and reorganize and set it up for me !!! Who's with me??

Anyone know someone that will help me organize my house and is pretty reasonable?


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