Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spencer Isabel is 1

I Love this child- more than I ever thought I could love anyone! She makes my heart so filled with JOY when she runs up and hugs me. Sweet baby girl- you are my joy, my hope, and everything that is good in the world. I let your daddy talk me into having chickens so you could eat healthier food. Somehow I think he feels you won't develop as quickly either without the added hormones LOL.
You are chatting up a storm and boy do I wish I knew what you were saying. I am so glad you are a sweet and social child. You play so well with other kids. You had such fun with Heath on Friday, and with Garrison, Maci, Micah, and Marley on Saturday, and with Fallon today.
I am so glad you can play with friends while mommy is at the hospital with Uncle Will, Nana, and Papa! We Love you sweet girl- just stop growing up so fast on us!


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