Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Leaf

Ok So I am really going to try to keep updated on the BLOG.

It has been hard with all the trips to the hospital, and being so tired at night, but I figure if I can find time to play Guitar hero like last night I can blog LOL.

Favorite song on Guitar Hero right now- Black Magic Woman! I ROCK that one! LOL

Thanks to all that have offered to watch Spencer for me to go to the hospital. I really means a lot and I have been taking more of you up on that lately. It is nice to know she can play while I can focus my time then on my family. WIll needs full attention there and it gives mom and dad a break and time to rest. SPencer also needs my full attention and mom and dad don't need to chase her, so Thanks so much for watching her during that time. I may be calling you again! :-)

Surprise Surprise I have actually been even cooking FULL HOMEMADE meals at night at a decent hour. Shea is SHOCKED LOL!

It has been nice being home to do things and have the time off. Still need to pay bills but that will come soon enough! Ok Time to head to the hospital again!

Love to all!

Pray for a new venture I am working on- my own consulting business!


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