Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Market Research

So has anyone besides me seen TV shows, commercials, or movies where people are doing market research studies for products and wanted to know how to get into them yourself?

Well I got in with a company Leibowitz Market Research and finally got approved for one of their studies. I had homework for this one and went to the group last night- btw I got $100 for 1.5 hrs of my time- well worth it to just give my opinion.

It went by fast- we talked about Frozen vegetables. The homework was going to the grocery store and buying a vegetable in a non steamer bag and looking around the aisle and noting your thoughts. what did you notice, like or dislike about the vegetable aisle at the store. then cook it and note what you cooked, and thoughts about your product.

they asked us about why we chose what we did? do we buy sauces on veg or not? then had sheets about possible new product descriptions and would we like them why or why not? what do we wish we had? colors, flavors, cooking styles, vegetables styles, mixes, meals, etc.

I didn't know there were so many things you could ask about vegetables LOL. IT was really fun. There were 8 of us. If you are interested in being part of this- some are afternoons, some evenings, mine was 8-9:30 last night in S CHarlotte - right off 485. Let me know - they need more people to be part of them.

Who doesn't like sharing their opinion with manufacturers- we all have stuff we wish they did differently or better.


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