Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cheap Cake Stand

Ok I saw this on this blog, but my mother in law saw it done at a craft fair in November and made several of these. There is a great tutorial with supplies linked below. Think outside the box where else you could find items- thrift stores, Christian Ministries, Goodwill, your own pantry and supplies. I have just thought of a small set of beautiful wedding China that was a great Aunt's that I have displayed in a cabinet. We don't use them because they are so special and there is not a full set for us to use. I may make a cake stand with one of the dinner plates to use now. My mother in law made Christmas themed ones. She used a teacup for the base for some, and some she used a soup bowl or another bowl, some she stacked more together. She and I had fun setting them up for creative different ways to put them together. Finding candlesticks is a nice way to do it as well. Hope you enjoy this craft! May make a nice Mothers day gift.

Ms Not So Perfect...: Dollar Store Cake Stand


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