Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Prep Your Home for the Weekend

There are several blogs I like to follow that lead me to other Blogs I love. My interests change and flow based on what point of life I am in. Right now, juggling more than 1 child, having a small baby, cleaning, cooking, and being frugal rank up at the top lol. I like blogs about saving money, paying off debt, deals, etc. I also like blogs and reading material that helps me plan for my week, and in this case weekend, so that I can enjoy myself more. One of the benefits of having a newborn is that no one expects you to run out to events, and you are easily forgiven for missing things and being forgetful. I take full advantage of being able to relax more, not feel pressured to clean, etc because after all I have a newborn, and those days are gone way to fast. Add to that, my returning to work this week and I have a very full plate. I have to now pack me and the 2 kids for the next day before bed, so relaxing on the weekend will be very nice!

I may just use this as a checklist. Feel free to click the link to the blog here. But here is the meat of it. Enjoy! And share some comments when you can.

When I have time on Fridays, I like to take about thirty minutes getting my home put back together after a full week, so that we’ll enjoy spending time here on the weekend. Or if we’re going out of town, it makes it a nice place to come home to.

We’re not really cleaning this time, just sprucing it up visually.

• Make the bed.

• Throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

• Wipe spots off the bathroom mirror and faucets.

• Run the dishwasher so there will be a place for dirty dishes.

• Take out the trash.

• Pick up a few things.

• If you have guests staying with you, you need clean sheets and towels.

• Snacks – never underestimate the importance of snacks.


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