Monday, October 11, 2010

The Best Time to Buy Everything

I came across this post recently. This was exactly what I was looking for because hubby and I spent a lot of time deciding what to get me for my birthday this year. We were going to get an iphone, but I am not eligible for upgrade until Feb, and I just can not justify paying $200 more right now when I know I can get it for $99 in Feb even though hubby was more than willing to do that. So then we search for desktop computers because ours died several months ago. I would truly LOVE to have an All in One desktop to save desktop clutter and space but at $500 minimum we just didn't feel we could justify that at the moment either. In looking at the desktops at Best Buy, we looked at the 3D TVs and since the Samsung Rep was in store, we learned a lot about the different options available on them. It was very cool to see the demo of these TVs and I was glad to know that you didn't HAVE to watch it in 3D All the time, it will play regular TV as well, and the glasses are more high-tech than the flat colored lens paper glasses. We were sticker shocked at the pricing at $1500 to $2000, but when you factor in that they are now Wifi- internet TVs, along with the 3D, come in plasma, LCD or LED and are 36in Plus in size, it didn't seem so bad. AND then we thought back to our first big purchase when we got married, when we bought our rear projection TV for $1500 8 years ago, and boy how technology has changed lol.

Well we ended up getting a blu-ray player. We don't have anything in our bedroom to watch movies on, no DVD, VHS etc just our cable on the TV. Again I don't see the need to go out purchasing all new blu-ray disks to replace my DVD collection, so was glad to know it will play DVDs as well as blu-rays, also has built in WIFI and can stream our facebook and more importantly our NETFLIX, I decided it was a good purchase, and at only $150 at walmart, was well within our budget. Hubby bought me Robin Hood Prince of Thieves one of my favorite old classic movies since I didn't even have it on DVD and we had a nice birthday weekend, including a splurge meal at the Olive Garden with the wonderful never ending pasta bowl, and dolcini desserts- I highly recommend the Amaretto Tiramisu and the Lemoncello desserts. YUMMY!

Anyway- the blog post below that I came across was in regards to figuring out when would be a good time to purchase a new computer or other items. So I hope it is helpful to you as well.

The Best Time to Buy Everything


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