Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What does Frugality Mean?

I follow several blogs about saving money, crafting, coupons, and get people pick on me, in a light-hearted way, about being cheap- my husband included. We used to spend our money without thinking about it. Without budgeting, without couponing, just buy whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Well we see where that has gotten our whole country and economy right now. We are grateful that we changed our way of thinking before the recession hit really bad. We did Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and before that started following his principles from the book Total Money Makeover. I totally recommend at least purchasing this book if you don't feel you have the money to do FPU as the back of the book has the forms and budgeting information and it goes through the basics. This was a lifesaver for us, and turned our lives around from drowning to having a savings account and being happier with less income. Sometimes we can't believe how simple it all was.

We are also grateful that by following these principles early on in our family- our child, soon to be children, will not ever know any different. We love Christmas, but don't feel the need to go overboard. We recognize they get so much from the family and throughout the year that they don't need much at Christmas. So we explain that Santa brings 1 gift, and we give 3 gifts- to represent the gifts the Magi brought Christ. We try instead to focus on the traditions, the crafts, the baking, the stories, the family togetherness. She has been just as happy and doesn't know anything is missing- because nothing is missing. It is all perspective.

Anyway- to get to the post below......The blog I read was a great read on what Frugality is all about. I hope it gains others a new perspective on frugality. We have been able to do more- on vacations, at home, eating, enjoying family time, by watching where we were throwing our money, and by planning how our money would be spent at the beginning of the month. I haven't lost anything, I have gained so much more.

Family Friendly Frugality: Frugality?: "Frugality What is Frugality? Frugality by the simplest definition implies that you are smart about your money. You aren't wasteful and ..."


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