Wednesday, January 30, 2008


WHY is it that I cannot get to work on time when my boss is in time??? Anyone know??

Is it the on time gods against me? LOL

Anyway- Spencer is sick- a cold, our first illness, not fun. I am paying for laughing at everyone that ever complained about the sick whiny kids they had.

My ever happy baby is whiny and doesn't know what she wants, and cries, and has been blowing snot boogers-YUCK! And of course she does NOT want me wiping that nose, which is now RAW and certainly does not like the bulb suction thing. I have to trap her and wrap my body around her to hold her still.

Shea doesn't know how to deal- he didn't want to go out to eat at Everest last night because "our child is sick" yes well your wife had a sucky day at work and refuses to stay at home, cook, or clean ANYTHING- so we are going out!

Does that make me a bad parent? NAH!

Moriah- I did this post just because I just emailed you and know you will be checking it out LOL!


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